About Me

Brampton Real Estate AgentI’d like to thank you for finding your way to my website, and specifically, for finding this page about me. It tells me you’re getting down to the nitty gritty, and trying to find a real estate agent that you’d like to work with. This short bio page isn’t a résumé. It is a simple explanation about my life and what motivates me. Nothing salesy, or about accolades, etc.

Without further ado…I started my career in real estate in Brampton in 1985. Yup…I’m an old-timer in the business. When I started in the real estate business, Brampton’s population was 187,000, give or take a few hundred. Today, we’re looking at roughly 650,000 people…which is about a 3.5x increase in 35 years.

45 Years as a Brampton Resident

My family moved to Brampton in 1975, where I’ve lived ever since (except for a 2 year stint in Georgetown). I was 9 years old. Exactly 10 years later, I got my real estate licence. Even though Brampton has changed so drastically, it’s still where I call home. I live with my wife, Jacquie, in the G-Section (Bramalea Road & Queen Street East).

My parents bought a house and sold a house in 1985. It was seeing this whole buying and selling process that was the impetus for me getting into the real estate business. My father (R.I.P.) suggested it to me. I was actually about to starting working in a restaurant on the Hotel Strip, near Pearson International Airport. My Dad said “Son, why don’t you think about getting into the real estate business…you may really enjoy it, and the money is pretty good too.”

The rest is history…

We Owned A Bar

Cooking is actually one of my favourite pass-times (when I’m not selling houses), and so at one point Jacquie and I owned a bar/restaurant. Huuuge mistake…but that’s a story for another day. I’ll document the highlights and lowlights of the 5 year episode. It will be a lesson of sorts, for anyone who is thinking about buying a business that’s reliant on a lot of consumer traffic, and being at the mercy of a commercial landlord, the AGCO, the police, etc. etc. We had a manager, so I could continue to sell real estate, but I did go in to do some cooking on my spare time. The only thing I miss about the restaurant is not having a commercial kitchen to play around in…lol…

In hindsight, it’s great that the bar is no longer a part of our lives. It’s fantastic being able to focus on one thing only. My Mom always said “You can’t be a servant to two masters” (old, politically incorrect, Portuguese adage).

The Brayley Clan

Tony Brayley Family-2020Fast forward to 2020. Jacquie and I have 3 children….all married, and 6 Grandchildren.

I should also mention that I see my Mom very regularly, and help her with many of her necessities. From taking her to doctor appointments, and getting her groceries, to fixing a broken faucet and writing out birthday cards for her to give out. She’s 93 years old, and still lives in her own condo alone….about 5 minutes from my house. I’m blessed to still have her!

Life is good!

I believe that having a family helps to make a well rounded person. My family is a priority for me, and setting the right example is very important. If a house is beautiful but in a questionable area, I simply imagine my family living there. If it doesn’t feel right, then I let my buyers know that I’m not a fan of the area.

In Brampton there are a few areas that I would not recommend. You have to be very familiar with a town or city to know these kinds of details. That’s the benefit of being here for 45 years.

Use my area knowledge to your advantage!

I look forward to serving you, and rest assured….I will take care of you and your family the way I take care of my own!



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